African Dassanech Tribe turning Western rubbish Digital Watches,Sim Cards,Bottle Caps into Jewellery


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At a time when we are all being encouraged to recycle more, one tribe in Ethiopia has been showing off their latest fashion accessories made entirely from old pieces of rubbish.

The Dassanech tribe have proved themselves to be a thrifty group with many tribesmen and women wearing their unique jewellery made out of everything from old digital watches to bottle caps.

The African tribe have created iconic headdresses from bottle caps, earrings from sim cards and necklaces from syringe caps.

Eric Lafforgue, from Toulouse, France, snapped the stunning images of the crafty tribe on three trips to Southern Ethiopian tribe, from the Omo valley near the Kenyan border.

'I like going to the market places where all the tribes come to trade, sell and buy. This is the best place to find beautiful things and meet people. Everyone wears the best clothes to show off their imagination,' Mr Lafforgue 51, said.

'This Ethiopian town has become a stomping ground for the workers building a bridge across the Omo River. Because of this bars have begun to pop up all over – where there are bars there are bottles, and where there are bottles there are bottle caps.

'The Dassanech tribe have repurposed this fresh supply of used bottle caps by fashioning them into headdresses and other jewellery. The more caps they have, the more confident they feel.

'Along with traditional beaded necklaces, this headdress is also a fashionable accessory. The tribe complement their recycled trinkets with feathers and animal furs from cheetahs and monkeys.

While the tribe are keen to sell their wares, they have become so fond of their iconic bottle cap hats that they keep them for themselves.

Eric added: 'Everything that comes from the 'modern' world has potential as an accessory. It's a way for them to keep up with progress in modern technology they don't have access to – by turning it into fashion.'

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